I Think You Forgot Something : William Giraldi

In 2012 the New York Times Sunday Book Review published a very negative (and very hilarious) front-page evisceration of two works by a young, largely unknown fiction writer. The review sparked much debate and launched a thousand tweets about what a book review can or should do. Condemned for being "mean", a descriptor that I personally feel criticism should never pay heed nor extend an ounce of patience, William Giraldi's scathing summation of a novel and collection of stories by Alix Ohlin ruffled many feathers, albeit almost entirely of the twee, "lives in Brooklyn" variety.


"Prudish in genre flexibility." Matthew Stearns, author of Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation (33 1/3)

"Could be the Don Rickles of [his] generation." Logan Fox, Shakespeare & Company

"The smile on [his] face is unnerving. I don't trust it." Lish McBride, author of Pyromantic and Necromancing the Stone

"[He is] just enough of too much." Marya Sea Kaminski, Director, Playwright and 2010 Stranger TheaterĀ Genius

"It just feels so good to be near [him]," Chelsea Mills, Events Coordinator, Mclean and EakinĀ 

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