Tethers of the Present (Hardcover)

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Erasing Imprints was supposed to be a side hustle, a way for D and Jess to make a little extra money as they start a new life together in Chicago. Rosalind, their mentor, has trained them well. They earn a reputation through a series of grateful clients, no longer disturbed by imprinted memories of past lives. But are they actually doing more harm than good?

Others seem to think so. The shadowy organization responsible for creating Imprints monitors their every move, devising extra protections to counter their growing abilities. Its agents are everywhere. Who can they trust? Does it want them to stop? Or does it want to recruit them?

When Rosalind begs D and Jess to watch over her estranged son, they find him entangled with a mysterious new age movement, which has ties to D's criminal past. Who is Allen Weston, its enigmatic leader? What is his agenda? And how is Rosalind's son involved?

Answers only lead to more questions. Caught between two warring secret societies, D, Jess and Rosalind risk a terrible fate as they decide where their loyalties lie. And, looming with ever-increasing menace, is the unimaginable power behind it all.

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ISBN: 9798987426630
Publisher: Gareth Ian Davies
Publication Date: May 7th, 2024
Pages: 252
Language: English