The Lost Hamsters of Barnaby Bunch (Paperback)

The Lost Hamsters of Barnaby Bunch By Michael Jude Schauer Cover Image
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How could a band of condemned and terrified hamsters ever hope to conquer a castle full of vicious wolves, led by the malevolent wolf king, Serigala? And how could a peaceful and melodic chorus of canaries escape the relentless pursuit of bloodthirsty bobcats, led by Sanguinaire, the ghost cat? The growing evil becomes overwhelming when the wolf king and the ghost cat join forces to destroy everything that is good and pure. Who will rise to become a hero, a deliverer? Will it be Captain Nibbles, the hamster of nobility who lives with deep regret and only seeks a second chance? Or will it be Wendell Cheeks, the scrawny tossed-away hamster who was the runt of his litter? Maybe a different hero will emerge, like Tobias Von Schnee, the hamster from the Bavarian hamster clan who was a member of the Royal Bavarian Archery Brigade. A champion and defender might even be found in Paffuto, the sad, lonely, and broken five-hundred-pound canary who just wanted to chirp with the other canaries. When many enemies surround us, many heroes are required to rise. Who will submit to the dark howl of the wolf, and who will hearken to the sweet call of the castle?

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ISBN: 9798890431158
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Publication Date: October 18th, 2023
Pages: 202
Language: English