Dorina's Odyssey in the Enchanted Capri Seas (Paperback)

Dorina's Odyssey in the Enchanted Capri Seas By Peter Burgess Cover Image
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A really cute short story, about a little girl named Dorina, who loves the sea, and often dreams of being able to be in it.
One day her wish is granted, and she is magically turned into a tiny sea snail.
Her adventure begins when she is taken to see the mermaid queen by a cute star fish.
On their way, however, they meet a devious mullet fish, who spins a tale about the mermaid queen being angry with the little girl and wanting to punish her - all lies
They want to run away, but chaos ensues in the sea, and eventually everyone is carried by the current to the same place.
There, the mermaid queen confronts the lying fish and puts things right.
Dorina is taken on a tour of the sea, and eventually returns safely to her home.

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ISBN: 9798878185844
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 1st, 2024
Pages: 26
Language: English