The Emerald City of Oz: Original Text (Paperback)

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The Nome King was in an angry mood, and at such times he was very disagreeable. Everyone kept away from him, even his Chief Steward Kaliko.Therefore the King stormed and raved all by himself, walking up and down in his jewelstudded cavern and getting angrier all the time. Then he remembered that it was no fun beingangry unless he had some one to frighten and make miserable, and he rushed to his big gong andmade it clatter as loud as he could.In came the Chief Steward, trying not to show the Nome King how frightened he was."Send the Chief Counselor here " shouted the angry monarch.Kaliko ran out as fast as his spindle legs could carry his fat, round body, and soon the ChiefCounselor entered the cavern. The King scowled and said to him: "I'm in great trouble over the loss of my Magic Belt. Every little while I want to dosomething magical, and find I can't because the Belt is gone. That makes me angry, and whenI'm angry I can't have a good time. Now, what do you advise?""Some people," said the Chief Counselor, "enjoy getting angry.

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