Be an IMMUNITY WARRIOR: A Helpful Guide on Holistic Living Free from Diseases (Paperback)

Be an IMMUNITY WARRIOR: A Helpful Guide on Holistic Living Free from Diseases By Sandeep Dangi Cover Image
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THIS COULD BE A LIFESAVING BOOK FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Do you know how your Immune System works? Do you think that developing a more Immune System is important for your overall wellbeing and health? Do you agree that impaired immunity could become a matter of life or death in today's tough times? Is your body's immune system prepared to fight the infections? Immunity is not built in a day. It takes time for our positive actions to bring results and to repair and balance a faulty or imbalanced immune system. Don't you think you owe this much to you and your loved ones?We can not rule out the possibility that there is a high probability of most of us can get infected by a pathogen, sooner or later But we can definitely take preventive steps so that when we do get infected, recovery will be quick and efficient.Complacency in these times can be very costly. The old adage of "Prevention is better than cure" still holds true. Take charge of your immune system by following the advice given in this book and prevent successfully pathogens from infecting and derailing your life. The book explains how pathogens like virus work and what are the components of the immune system. It explains how various diets, exercises, fitness, sleep, stress, traditional therapies and addictive substances impact and build or destroy our immunity. It explains Immune disorders too so that we can identify any latent problems and get them corrected.

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ISBN: 9798647006011
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 21st, 2020
Pages: 118
Language: English