Vagus Nerve: Activate and stimulate your vagal tone to decrease inflammation, anxiety and stress applying the polyvagal theory. (Paperback)

Vagus Nerve: Activate and stimulate your vagal tone to decrease inflammation, anxiety and stress applying the polyvagal theory. By Alan Floyd Cover Image
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Are you having chronic stress, suffering from inflammation or experiencing difficulty to remember things sometimes?

Did you know you could easily improve your memories, decrease your anxiety and prevent inflammation?

Your vagus nerve is the biggest and most significant nerve in your body. It conveys messages to and from your brain, gut, heart, and other substantial muscles and organs. Notwithstanding, regular issues like irritation, stress, or physical injury can meddle with the nerve's capacity to work. Fortunately, there are vast amounts of snappy and-simple approaches to actuate and practice the nerve, reinforcing its position and reestablishing your body to great wellbeing. Pressed with simple-to-follow activities and exercises, this book will tell you the best way to open the intensity of the vagus nerve to mend your body and return to a condition of parity.

Through a progression of simple self-improvement works out, the book represents the straightforward ways we can manage the vagus nerve to start profound unwinding, improve rest, and recuperate from damage and injury. Moreover, by investigating the connection between a well-directed vagus nerve and social working, Rosenberg's discoveries and techniques offer new expectation that by improving social behavior, it is conceivable to mitigate a portion of the side effects at the center of numerous instances of chemical imbalance range issue. Helpful for psychotherapists, specialists, bodyworkers, and parental figures, just as any individual who encounters the manifestations of constant pressure and stress, this book shows how we can advance autonomic working in ourselves as well as other people, and carry the body into the condition of security that enacts its intrinsic ability to mend.

We will cover these main topics:

1: Vagus Nerve Anatomy and functions

2: The cranial nerves

3: Essential functions of the Vagus Nerve

4: How the Vagus Nerve Affects Stress and Anxiety

5: Polyvagal Theory

6: Exercise to stimulate and activate the Vagus Nerve

7: Measuring Nervous function with heart rate variability

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