Raising Greatness-High School: Fostering Student Achievement In Your Home (Paperback)

Raising Greatness-High School: Fostering Student Achievement In Your Home By III Atkins, William Thomas Cover Image
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Raising Greatness High School
Every child is born with the potential for greatness, but without being fostered and encouraged to grow, that potential will be wasted. That potential is fostered through an alliance between the most influential adults in a child's life: The parents and the educators.
To foster greatness, teens need to be guided while still allowing them the independence they need to thrive and learn to stand on their own feet. Towing this line between coddling and controlling versus taking too much of a step back can be difficult. This book helps to delineate the balancing point with easy-to-follow advice for all aspects of a teen's life.
You need to understand what it means to be a teen today and the role that social media plays in their lives. You also need to be able to facilitate a solid routine that provides time for physical and mental health to be emphasized. You will need to prepare them for college and help them bud into the adults they have the potential to become. All of this requires parental involvement and engagement.
You have the potential to raise greatness in the next generation, and in reading this book, you will find the skills you need too. Will you utilize them?

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ISBN: 9798498027142
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 19th, 2021
Pages: 118
Language: English