Delay and Pray: Permanent Weight Loss Through Spiritual Fasting (Paperback)

Delay and Pray: Permanent Weight Loss Through Spiritual Fasting By Beth Bubik Cover Image
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Your old diet isn't working. Traditional dieting doesn't have lasting results because it is based on scarcity, is too hard, and often only produces a temporary outcome through a lot of white-knuckling work. The diet mentality is chock-full of self-reliance, frustration, and pressure. Don't you wish there were a better way?

Then take a breath. This is different. You are being invited onto a new and wonderful weight loss path. This journey of health will actually get you where you want to go because you will be holding the hand of Jesus while learning to delay unhealthy foods and pray for loved ones through it all. It's time to drop extra pounds and find joy in the challenge, too.

Intermittent fasting for a spiritual purpose is the best way to approach optimal health. Leave room for prayer and learn to love vibrant, nutritious foods again. Get out out of the rut of eating to numb your emotions and begin to experience the rich and full life that is available to you when delay and pray. The result? You will lose weight while gaining faith.

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ISBN: 9798218396619
Publisher: Bel Esprit Books
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2024
Pages: 198
Language: English