What the Tide Leaves Behind: A Novel of County Donegal (Paperback)

What the Tide Leaves Behind: A Novel of County Donegal By Malcolm McDowell Woods Cover Image
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Thomas McKay is lost. He has shuffled through life since losing his father in one of the last explosive acts of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Now he finds himself tending to his late mother's cottage in the remote, wind scoured Donegal coast and trying to connect with her enigmatic border collie. As he adjusts to life in the small village of Dunnybegs, he discovers the rhythm of the community, filled with colorful characters and rich archaeological history.

So begins a year of self-discovery as Thomas forms a deep bond with the dog and through her, learns to really see the world. On long walks along the stunning coastline, he becomes a keen observer of the area, documenting their adventures through photography. Their story gains international attention on social media, turning them into local celebrities and embroiling them in a battle over the future of Killfish Bay, the small cove near Dunnybegs. There is an American corporation eying the bay and an offer on the cottage. Thomas may have finally found his place in the world, but will he lose it all? What the Tide Leaves behind is a heartwarming tale of personal growth, the authentic charm of small communities and the enduring bond between man and dog. The novel explores themes of community, connection, and the transformative power of unexpected companionship.

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ISBN: 9798218389383
Publisher: Dunnybegs Press
Publication Date: March 17th, 2024
Pages: 264
Language: English