Excuse Me, Sir! Memoir of a Butch (Paperback)

Excuse Me, Sir! Memoir of a Butch By Shaley Howard Cover Image
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As a young child, in many ways, Shaley didn't stand a chance. Growing up as a closeted lesbian in the 1970's, in a dysfunctional family with an often mentally unstable mother, the only thing on her mind was survival. Turning to alcohol and drugs at an early age, she thought she'd found the perfect escape from the shame of being gay and her mother's erratic emotional roller-coaster ride.

Excuse Me, Sir Memoir of a Butch is a story of the outsider. It's about what it means to be marginalized, the journey of overcoming and enduring the agony of addiction and how even in our darkest times, we can still find levity, laughter and hope.

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ISBN: 9798218281373
Publisher: Excuse Me, Sir! Memoir of a Butch
Publication Date: September 7th, 2023
Pages: 240
Language: English