Benregesh: Volume I of The Cocoon Chronicles (Hardcover)

Benregesh: Volume I of The Cocoon Chronicles By J. C. Chambers Cover Image
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Introducing an explosive new fantasy of incredible scale, including 30 additional pages of original comic art.

Thirteen years ago, Kaleb Mastiff watched his father die in a terrible battle against the Necrothrall, a demon out of myth. The memory of that day still haunts his nightmares.

Now a down-on-his-luck young adult, Kaleb has found work at the Benregesh Detective Agency, jumping head-first into a world of car chases, bar brawls, and magical mayhem. The work is dangerous-criminals in Mitror City are equally skilled with firearms and magic-but Kaleb is more than up for the challenge.

However, the Necrothrall has reappeared in a torrent of fire and blood, murdering a city leader and imperiling the whole Cocoon. When the Benregesh get roped into tracking it down, Kaleb is thrust into a race against time.

For the secret to defeating the Necrothrall is sealed away in the memory of his father's death, and if Kaleb is to save the ones he loves, he will have to unlock it.

Should he fail, destruction awaits.

Prepare for a battle of epic proportions. There can be no surrender.

Benregesh: Volume I of the Cocoon Chronicles combines Benregesh Initiate, Protector & Shepherd into a single volume.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798218220525
Publisher: J.C. Chambers III
Publication Date: July 7th, 2023
Pages: 786
Language: English