A Spark's Calling (Paperback)

A Spark's Calling By Michelle E. Black Cover Image
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At twenty-five, Acacia Lane hates her life.

First, she had to drop out of art school to care for her dementia-stricken mother. Now, all her friends are getting fabulous opportunities in the art world while she's stuck behind the soul-sucking demo table at Craftology. And the only thing that gives her real joy? Loitering at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, losing herself in the artwork.

Then one day, she literally loses herself in the artwork.

Peering a bit too closely at a photograph, Acacia somehow falls into the image, into the past, and into the body of the photographer. She emerges, haunted by this newfound ability and desperate to know where it came from. But the more she digs into her powers, the more she finds herself stalked by members of a secret organization known only as the Guardianship.

Are they here to help or hurt? Who's the sexy, mysterious museum guard who keeps showing up in her life? And will Acacia ever learn to use her burgeoning powers...or will she lose control and bring down the whole city?

Only time will tell. And time is running out.

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ISBN: 9798218177782
Publisher: Fill Your Own Glass Publishing
Publication Date: May 26th, 2023
Pages: 398
Language: English