Broken Water: An Extraordinary True Story (Paperback)

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Eleven sisters, abandoned and abused, reunite after forty-three years and share their stories...

In this true story of resilience in the face of hardship, Barbara Lane and her sister Kay survive abandonment by their mother only to face severe abuse while living in foster care: the home of a Mafia grunt.

But for Barbara, missing her nine other sisters was more than she could bear. This well-written and powerful memoir reveals Barbara's hidden abuse and invites the reader to journey with her through the many years she spent trying to find her sisters and solve the intriguing mystery of her family of origin.

Broken Water is an honest and unforgettable tale of inspiration and transformation, a story of perseverance, tremendous faith and a belief that grief, loss and suffering can become the roots of wisdom, joy and a fulfilling life.

As an Ordained Ministerial Counselor, Barbara shares compelling stories of others she has helped to overcome their own haunting histories.

**This book contains content that might be troubling to some readers including, but not limited to, depictions of and references to child abuse, childhood trauma, neglect, and death. Please be mindful of these and other possible triggers and seek assistance, if needed, from a mental health professional.**

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ISBN: 9798218104078
Publisher: Barbara Lane, LLC
Publication Date: May 9th, 2023
Pages: 282
Language: English