Positive Angle: Change Your View, Unleash Your Potential (Paperback)

Positive Angle: Change Your View, Unleash Your Potential By Chris Norlund Cover Image
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Are you tired of constantly feeling stuck in life? Feel like no one gets you and the dreams you want to pursue? Discover the life-changing power of living with a POSITIVE ANGLE

Chris Norlund lost his family after a plane crash. Growing up an orphan was a nightmare -- isolation, abuse, prejudice was all he ever knew. But with tireless determination, hard work, and self-discipline he found his pathway to success and belonging through an international career spanning multiple countries.

In POSITIVE ANGLE, Chris shares his amazing life story of finding his family after forty-eight years and shares his strategies of resilience and persistence to chase his impossible dreams.

Filled with relatable stories and practical advice, this book is the ultimate guide to help you reboot your mind and live an awesome life.


  • Shift your perspective to see the positive side of life
  • Build confidence and self-esteem with easy steps
  • Solve problems constructively
  • Do the habits of a growth mindset
  • Relentlessly pursue your dreams
  • Escape the traps of negativity
  • Make a better environment for success

Weaving together inspiring true stories and proven ideas, POSITIVE ANGLE, gives you the tools you need to change your life.

This book teaches you the steps to unleashing your full potential.

Product Details
ISBN: 9791198418302
Publisher: National Library of Korea
Publication Date: August 10th, 2023
Pages: 188
Language: English