Long live the King (Paperback)

Long live the King By Johanna Jarneskog Cover Image
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If no one's good, and you can trust no one, why should you trust that you are good?

Averill is alone, in a country where she doesn't know anyone, and where death is always lurking. When she hears that her brother has died in her homeland across the ocean, she decides something needs to happen, needs to change. So, in her desperation, she decides to demand a meeting with the young king of Caleea, ready to do whatever's necessary to get what she wants. But Averill doesn't know that she's not the only one ready to kill for what they think is right.

Now begs the question, in a world that Averill doesn't know, surrounded by people who learned to lie before they learned to walk, who can she trust? And can she keep focused on the goal, no matter what her heart wants, and doesn't want?

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ISBN: 9789198855562
ISBN-10: 9198855565
Publisher: Johanna Jarneskog
Publication Date: May 30th, 2022
Pages: 186
Language: English