Defence of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Paperback)

Defence of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad By Khalid Bin Muhammad Al-Sha Al-Shahri Cover Image
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Let us listen to the story of our beloved prophet as he tells us about himself when he was a small child. He says: Two men, wearing white clothes, came to me and they laid me down then they ripped my stomach and explored something which I do not know. And his mother told us about him, she said: My son has prestigious status. Should I not inform you about it? I saw when I got pregnant with him, a magnificent emergence of light spread out the earth until it illuminated the places of Syria for me. By God, I had never seen a pregnancy lighter or easier for me than it.

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ISBN: 9784242777227
ISBN-10: 4242777221
Publisher: Khalid Bin Muhammad Al-Shahri
Publication Date: January 6th, 2023
Pages: 60
Language: English