Sparks (Paperback)

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The girl's English accent was flat, exhausted. Like she didn't expect anyone to care about what she was saying; like she wasn't sure why she was bothering at all. But then, she was British - and, apparently, Northern. And something terrible was happening in the North, and if she was thinking nobody had come to their rescue so far, she was right.

It's 2034 and the United Kingdom is no more. Now there is only North and South, and the vast concrete Wall that separates the two.

A group of misfit outcasts have saved the North from annihilation - and started an unwinnable war with the brutal, totalitarian Board. Two months later, as the future grows ever bleaker, a mysterious international agency offers a final glimmer of hope.

But the Agency may not be all it seems, and the gang are still reeling from the fallout of their original mission as they wrestle with old demons and fraying loyalties. Plus there's still the small matter of having a government to overthrow...

It turns out starting the fight is one thing. Finishing it is a whole different story.

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ISBN: 9781999969790
ISBN-10: 1999969790
Publisher: Kit Mallory
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2020
Pages: 484
Language: English