Jade's Erotic Adventures: Books 41 - 46 (Lesbian Erotica #9) (Paperback)

Jade's Erotic Adventures: Books 41 - 46 (Lesbian Erotica #9) By Victoria Rush Cover Image
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This is book number 9 in the Lesbian Erotica series.


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Book 41: The Viewing Room

When Jade hears about a club where people enter private rooms to watch each other stimulate themselves, she decides to give it a try. After she gets to the club and pays her entrance fee, she walks down a hallway with a series of open doors.

Behind each of the doors is a room with a single stool and a large glass partition looking onto a room on the other side. In each of the rooms sits a partially naked man or a woman waiting for a partner to engage with...

Book 42: Spin the Bottle

When Jade's invited to another party at her friend Madison's place, she can barely contain her excitement. Maddy always hosts the sexiest parties, and Jade is intrigued to see what's she's cooked up this time.

When she arrives at Madison's house on the night of the party, she's escorted to her living room where a crowd of strangers are sitting in a circle around a vinyl-covered mattress. But it's not until Maddy asks everyone to strip that things begin to get interesting...

Book 43: The Hair Salon

After Jade spends two boring hours in a beauty salon waiting for her hair color to set, she hatches an idea. With the initial shampoo and head massage being such a sensual experience, why couldn't the salon find a way to make the rest of the experience just as stimulating?

When she mentions the idea to her stylist, they begin to craft a plan for making her next stay more invigorating. On her subsequent visit, she watches excitedly as the client next to her squirms and moans in her chair...

Book 44: Tribadism 1

When Jade receives an invitation from her intimacy coach to attend a new women-only workshop, her interest is piqued. With the cryptic title Tribadism, the workshop promises to teach her new sex techniques that will elevate her erotic connections to a whole new level.

When she arrives at the studio, she sees a group of twenty women gathered in a circle around a large padded mat. When the coach asks the women to describe how many different lesbian positions they know and they can only list eight or ten, Jade's shocked when the leader says there are over a hundred different ways two women can enjoy sex together...

Book 45: Tribadism 2

After her first day at the women-only sex workshop, Jade is still buzzing from the new lesbian tribbing techniques she's learned. At the second session, her coach introduces some even more exotic positions for her to try out with the other sexy participants.

But when Laila introduces her gorgeous assistant and begins to demonstrate all the different ways three or more women can enjoy sex together, things really start to heat up...

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ISBN: 9781990118777
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Publisher: Victoria Rush
Publication Date: April 27th, 2022
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Language: English
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