Jade's Erotic Adventures: Books 11 - 15 (Lesbian Voyeur BDSM Erotica) (Lesbian Erotica #3) (Paperback)

Jade's Erotic Adventures: Books 11 - 15 (Lesbian Voyeur BDSM Erotica) (Lesbian Erotica #3) By Victoria Rush Cover Image
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This is book number 3 in the Lesbian Erotica series.


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Book 11: The Personal Trainer

When recent divorc e Jade notices some changes in her figure, she decides to set up a workout routine to get back into shape. She makes an appointment at her local health club for a personal training session and is floored by how beautiful and shapely her instructor is.

As her trainer begins to put her through her paces, Jade gets increasingly turned on watching the girl's sexy body. By the end of her first workout, she experiences a secret climax pumping out the last rep...

Book 12: The Dominatrix

When Jade searches online for something to change up her boring sex life, she finds an ad for a dominatrix. Intrigued, she clicks on the link and begins to learn all about the exciting world of bondage and domination.

She books an appointment with the sexy redhead and when she arrives at the domme's pleasure palace, she's shocked to see the wide assortment of whips and bondage equipment. After signing a waiver and establishing her safe word, Jade is tied into a strange harness hanging from the ceiling...

Book 13: Webcam Chat

While Jade is searching online for a distraction one night, she uncovers a lesbian chat room where naked women have private conversations using webcams. Eventually she meets a young college girl who confides that she's attracted to her straight roommate.

They strike up a conversation, and before long the two women are sharing an intimate exchange. But just as things begin to get interesting, their conversation is interrupted when the girl's roommate returns earlier than expected to their dorm...

Book 14: Paint Me

When Jade sees an ad for a bodypainting workshop at the local supermarket, her interest is piqued. She books an appointment and is excited when she's paired with a pretty blonde girl at their first session.

As Jade begins painting Bree's body and the two exchange playful banter, she finds herself growing increasingly attracted to the girl. By the end of the workshop, both women are at a fever pitch of excitement...

Book 15: The Toy Party

When Jade decides to hold a girls-only party at her place, she invites the owner of the local adult store to provide a demonstration of some of her latest sex toys. But Jade has a hidden agenda. She's had her eye on the sexy neighbor next door and she's hoping the demonstration will stimulate her interest in exploring a new phase of their relationship.

The party starts off innocently enough, with Cheryl demonstrating some of the more basic toys. As she passes around free samples for the girls to touch, some of them can't resist experimenting with them in more intimate ways. Jade notices that her neighbor Alana is becoming more excited by the activity of the group, but so far everyone has remained relatively composed keeping their clothes on...

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ISBN: 9781990118401
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Publisher: Victoria Rush
Publication Date: January 17th, 2021
Pages: 264
Language: English
Series: Lesbian Erotica