Jade's Erotic Adventures: Books 6 - 10 (Lesbian / Transgender Erotica) (Lesbian Erotica #2) (Paperback)

Jade's Erotic Adventures: Books 6 - 10 (Lesbian / Transgender Erotica) (Lesbian Erotica #2) By Victoria Rush Cover Image
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This is book number 2 in the Lesbian Erotica series.


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Book 6: The Girl Next Door

When the parents of the shy college girl next door decide to take a vacation, lonely divorc e Jade sees a window of opportunity to meet her. One night before heading to bed, she notices a light in the girl's bedroom and a crack in her blinds.

Jade grabs a spyglass and sees the girl viewing an erotic video while touching herself. The girl notices movement in the window across the lane and catches Jade watching her.

Things escalate rapidly as they exchange increasingly provocative displays, until Jade decides to ask the girl over for dinner. When they finally meet, Jade is shocked to find the shy girl next door isn't nearly as innocent as she's let on...

Book 7: Girls' Camp

When Jade's best friend Hannah invites her to go on a wilderness camping trip with four other friends, Jade isn't sure it's a good idea. She hasn't yet come out with Hannah or anyone else about her recent lesbian dalliances.

But when Jade meets the new member of the entourage, she's instantly smitten. Emma is cute, sexy, and ten years younger than the rest of the group...

Book 8: Wet Dream

Ever since her recent transgender experience, Jade has been obsessed with cocks. But not just any cocks - ladyboy cocks. One night, as she falls asleep, she's transported to an ancient Arabian kingdom filled with sorcerers and villains.

She finds herself wandering the desert and stumbles upon a mysterious cave. Inside, she finds a treasure trove of gleaming jewels and pottery. She picks up one of the vessels and dusts it off, and a genie emerges.

When he tells her that he will grant her any three wishes, she immediately asks to be bestowed with a man's penis. Now endowed with both a man's and a woman's fully functioning equipment, Jade sets out on a journey of exploration, discovering all the fun ways she can use her ladyboy parts with an exciting menagerie of characters...

Book 9: The Habit

While Jade is working quietly at the library one day, she notices a strange figure in a black and white cloak pass by her desk. She looks up and sees a pretty nun heading into the stacks to find a book. Jade follows her movement and when the nun sits in an upholstered chair in the corner of the library, she finds another chair not far away to watch her more closely.

She becomes more and more aroused watching the stunning nun and starts to touch herself quietly. The nun notices what Jade is doing and begins to rub her legs together under her long gown. Within minutes, the two women enjoy an intense private climax together from across the aisle.

Jade invites the nun for a coffee and before long she takes her home where they make passionate love all day. When the nun indicates that she must return to her convent, Jade doesn't want to see her go, and they agree on a plan to sneak her into the abbey for one more night...

Book 10: Sex Machine

When Jade hears about a sex robot brothel in town, her interest is piqued. She books a session with a pretty redheaded model, and when she gets to the facility she's floored by how lifelike the robot is.

With realistic skin, anatomically correct body parts, and natural human expressions, she's quickly smitten with the fully animated robot. As they strike up a conversation, Jade begins to realize that the artificial intelligence of the robot allows it to learn and respond to her unique wants and desires...

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ISBN: 9781990118395
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Publisher: Victoria Rush
Publication Date: January 17th, 2021
Pages: 262
Language: English
Series: Lesbian Erotica