Shelf Life: The Book of Better Endings (Paperback)

Shelf Life: The Book of Better Endings By Rob Gregson Cover Image
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Young bookseller Cathy Finn is having a bad day. First, there's the assassin's bullet. Then comes the realisation that she's been living in a work of fiction. Worse, she wasn't even the main character.

Cathy's quiet, bit-part life may be over, but her troubles are only beginning. Her last day on Earth is also her first as a citizen of New Tybet. For over four hundred years, its people have been rescuing those destined to die in other narratives, but now the system is faltering. A saboteur is at work and Cathy will have to stop him if she's ever going to find a way home. Failure could maroon her forever and spark a revolution that sets all the worlds of literature ablaze.

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ISBN: 9781987976557
ISBN-10: 198797655X
Publisher: Mirror World Publishing
Publication Date: July 17th, 2019
Pages: 334
Language: English