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The author of a novel entitled The Patriot, written under his pen name, is accused of inciting the murders of several radical extremist hate mongers after they are assassinated in the order and under similar circumstances described in his book. Bruce defends the author against the accusations by the FBI and protects the author's true identity.

About the Author

Ron Sharrow, graduated from Baltimore City College, attended The University of Maryland and earned his JD Degree from The University of Baltimore School of Law. His Baltimore law firm represented clients in criminal and civil cases for more than four decades. Throughout the years during which he was actively engaged in his law practice, Ron kept a journal into which he scribbled notes of the funny things people said to him...the malapropos and the preposterous situations people got themselves into. It was the humor he chronicled in that journal which led him to the decision to memorialize those stories in the series of nine Bruce West novels and the Full Moon Diary. He is also the author of Dead End, an auto-biography, Jokes in a Plain Brown Wrapper, a 500 page categorized, indexed, and cross-referenced joke book and Trinket's New Friend, an illustrated children's book. He, his wife, Beth and their pet Maltese, Trinket, reside in Rancho Mirage, California.

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