Atlantic Split (Paperback)

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Prejudice. Hatred. Divisions. Injustice. We must make a difference and stand up against them. As a young person, your voice matters more than you know and you can change the world. Now more than ever, it matters."What do you do when the fate of something so massive lies in your hands and your hands only? Do you let it pass you by, or do you do something about it?"In an alternate 2018, it's been almost 45 years since the UK and the USA went to war, and the nations are still bitter enemies. So when two Americans are framed for an assault and meet young British police officer Luke Bright, there's outrage when a friendship forms between them.Luke's desperate to help his friends but ends up accidentally shooting another police officer in the process. Barely weeks after turning nineteen, he's branded a murderer to be thrown into jail when his only crime was wanting peace and equality. This isn't the adult life he was expecting. How exactly is he meant to bring an end to prejudice between the two most powerful nations in the world when he's destined to be stuck in jail for life? Can Luke really change the rest of the world when he's isolated from everyone he knows and no one believes he's innocent?Atlantic Split is the first of four novels in the Luke Bright series and is recommended for ages 15+.

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ISBN: 9781982084400
ISBN-10: 1982084405
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 15th, 2018
Pages: 480
Language: English