The Scarecrow of Oz (Oz Books #9) (Paperback)

The Scarecrow of Oz (Oz Books #9) By Golden Wit (Editor), L. Frank Baum Cover Image
By Golden Wit (Editor), L. Frank Baum
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This is the Oz book which L. Frank Baum considered his best. It starts quietly enough with Trot and Cap'n Bill rowing along a shore of the Pacific Ocean to visit one of the many caves near their home on the California coast. Suddenly, a mighty whirlpool engulfs them. The old sailorman and the little girl are miraculously saved and regain consciousness to find themselves in a sea cavern. To this day, Trot asserts she felt mermaid arms about her during those terrible moments under water. From here on, one perilous adventure crowds in upon another.

About the Author

Since 1900 when L. Frank Baum introduced to the children of America THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ and all the other exciting characters who inhabit the land of Oz, these delightful fairy tales have stimulated the imagination of millions of young readers. These are stories which are genuine fantasy-creative, funny, tender, exciting and surprising. Filled with the rarest and most absurd creatures, each of the 14 volumes which now comprise the series, has been eagerly sought out by generation after generation until today they are known to all except the very young or those who were never young at all.

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