MS Warrior: Taking Back Your Life After MS: Taking Back Your Control in Life (Paperback)

MS Warrior: Taking Back Your Life After MS: Taking Back Your Control in Life By Danielle Vonn Brandt Cover Image
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OK, so we have MS. So what? We can't change it We can't cure it, yet, I believe that changing our lifestyle habits in regards to how and what we eat, how we adapt and overcome the stresses in our lives (and our state of mind)and always staying as active as we can be, can help us a great deal. I believe that mind, body and food can help us face and recover much quicker or maybe hopefully help prevent any further attacks or at least time in between them. We never know when another attack will come, ultimately our goal is to never have another one. MS has already taken so much from us-I think we can all agree on peace of mind at least-why give it anymore? We are not as weak and as hobbled as some of think we are, or other people think we are. Sitting there whining and complaining makes us I am there with you and I have been for 10 years, but today is a NEW DAY. Today is the day that we are going to be prepared for whatever it brings. Do you know why? Because we can have control of our lives day by day. Sitting at home feeling scared and sorry for ourselves will not help us (it actually makes us more susceptible to an exacerbation) and no fun to be around. Yes, it is hard. No, it's not fair, but life goes on and we can spend today being a "victim" or start living for tomorrow now. How are we going to take back control of our lives? We are going to take back what we can control, letting go of what we cannot. We are going to become as healthy as we can be, mentally and physically. We cannot control our MS but we can make ourselves as strong possible so that we can fight back with attitude. When and if the day comes where it wants to pop in to say "hello" we will slam the door shut Our MS is apart of us. It always will be, but I refuse to sit on the sidelines and just wait. It has changed our lives and we can use that as an advantage, since we are already having to accommodate to life with MS, why not just kick start a new version of the life we choose. The first step to taking back control of our lives is acceptance. We need to accept that we cannot change our circumstances and with that and the understanding that life goes on and we need to go with it. We are not afraid of living our lives anymore, we are not afraid of tomorrow. Starting today, we are taking control of what we CAN control.

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