State of the Film Industry Report: First Edition (Paperback)

State of the Film Industry Report: First Edition By Alexander Nazarian Nigro (Editor), Ben Yennie Cover Image
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This book is a first of its kind report aimed at answering questions about the film industry that have gone unanswered for far too long. It's an endeavor that was undertaken with the help of IndieWire, Stage32, Fandor, Media Research Associates, and others. Together we were able to poll 1,100 filmmakers to find answers to questions like:

-How many active filmmakers are in the US?

-How many live action video projects are made in a year?

-How much does the average filmmaker make in a year?

-Does film school help you make more money?

-Is the gender gap really as wide as we think it is?

-Does investing in equipment correlate with more work in the film industry?

-And many more.

This report is the culmination of 3 years of research, and contains vital information. It's a must read for industry leaders, support organizations, and service providers so you can better understand the industry, provide better support, and offer more relevant services.

The best part is that for every purchase made through Amazon, we'll donate one copy to a relevant non-profit or educational institution. If you're looking to better understand the micro economy that is the film industry, this book can help you more than almost any other single source.

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