Felicia And The Night Of The Basquot (Paperback)

Felicia And The Night Of The Basquot By Charles P. a. Melville Cover Image
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Felicia, the vixen sorceress of Katara, returns in her first novel. Missing for several years, the prodigal sorceress returns, no longer an apprentice but a full-fledged Magi But the Magi Council of Wizards won't acknowledge her, the townfolk think she's a loony, and her first client dies before he can hire her Her first day quickly runs aground when she crosses paths with a foe beyond her abiities, a monster from the ancient wars of dark magic, and she is forced to rely on aid from a pack of midget hounds and a pyrotechnic bear. Magic, horror, humor, and anthropomorphic adventure from the writer of the Ursa Major winning short story, Felicia And The Tailcutter's Curse.

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ISBN: 9781974011209
ISBN-10: 1974011208
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 1st, 2017
Pages: 258
Language: English