The 3 Things: A Practical Path to Collective Recovery (Hardcover)

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Through Maggie's drunken youth, she was reminded by her preacher father of The 3 Things: you are part of a family, be true to yourself, and glorify God in all that you do. But as Maggie shares in this transformational book, those old truths take on new meaning in modern life, recovery, and motherhood.

Sometimes, simplicity can untangle the most complicated messes. Even in the darkest pit with the cold hard slab of rock bottom pressed against our face, there is a lifeline of truth, a rope of wisdom we can grab to pull ourselves out. As Maggie Boxey curled into a tight ball of overwhelming shame, addiction, and isolation, she could hear her preacher father’s voice, echoing in her ears. “You are part of a family. Be true to yourself. Glorify God in all that you do.”

These were the three things Maggie’s Daddy would insist she repeat as a teenager before running out the door for “sleepovers” that were really trips to the darkest corners of town to binge drink with strangers. Each night, she would rattle off the 3 things before wandering off to pull herself further into the complicated mess it would take decades to untangle. It took her 25 hard, traumatic years for her to fully grasp the depth of her father’s words, through her time serving in the Navy, through addiction, and through losing custody of her child due to her behavior and instability.

The deeper Maggie sunk into addiction and isolation, the less she felt part of a family. Without community to see herself reflected back to her, it felt impossible for her to be true to herself. Instead of glorifying God in all she did, she resorted to foxhole prayers and felt unworthy of God’s love. She lived in the undoing of the 3 things until she found herself in an alcoholic suicidal bottom with only two ways to go: end it all, or surrender to a new beginning. She chose the latter.

With the 3 things as her guide, Maggie gathered powerful forces to aid her in her recovery: contemplation, community, celebration, and compassion for herself and others. She relied on her 12-step recovery community to help her get sober and put in the humble work to right the wrongs of her past. She became part of a family again, both chosen and inherited. Her compassionate honesty allowed her to be true to herself. And she remembered what it means to glorify God in all she did, whether that was taking out the trash, giving birth to her second child, or writing a book in service to others, The 3 Things.

In The 3 Things, Maggie Boxey shares how she used her faith to regain all she lost and find the will to start again, even when it seemed hopeless. She shares her struggles of being a sober progressive liberal and *gasp* vegetarian living in military communities in the South. And as a die-hard Indigo Girls fan, she guides readers from all walks of life and religious backgrounds to get closer to fine.

About the Author

Maggie Boxey-daughter and granddaughter of Episcopal priests-is pursuing her own distinct calling to seminary with the Interfaith Chaplaincy Institute to be ordained as a Chaplain in the near future. Navy veteran and 6th grade math teacher, she serves children at the middle school in her hometown of Fitzgerald, GA where she lives with 3 of 5 of her children, her Marine husband and their 3 cats. Her passion for equity in her community has led her to serve on the Board of Directors for Sowega Rising and as advocacy trainer for Fitzgerald for Change, both Black-led nonprofits for progress in South GA. She's been sober and in recovery for 15 years. When she's not parenting, teaching, or being of service you'll find her running in the country, cooking, painting watercolor, or vying for the cats' (who prefer her husband) affection. 

Praise For…

“As a fellow woman in recovery, I have learned my own version of the 3 things but I wish I had Maggie’s book for the journey. Her honesty, humor, and experience are a guide for anyone who is lost – and looking to be found.”
— Emily Paulson, Author of Hey Hun and Highlight Real

"From page one, this book is a strong tether to the world of sanity and serenity. Maggie lets us joyfully celebrate with her the miraculous strength of unalloyed love and care of family, community, and our Higher Power. The 3 Things makes stronger people of us all."
— The Reverend Ed Bacon, Author of The 8 Habits of Love

“Maggie’s book is filled with heart and wisdom and ways to heal. It’s so fully human – it feels like you’re having a cup of tea with a dear friend, reminding us all why faith can look different and still feel the same way for everyone.”

— Jennifer Pastiloff, Bestselling author of On Being Human

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