She Called Me Throwaway (Paperback)

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A story of secrets, survival, and strength.

Shama Shams spent her childhood in her native land of Bangladesh during a time of political turmoil, economic instability, and daily violence. Born the third daughter to her parents, when everyone's hope was for a son, a namesake, her father loved her unconditionally when her mother did not.

When her father had to flee to the United States to save his life during the Bangladesh War for Independence in the early 1970s, Shama's mother turned to extreme religion that changed her daughter's life forever. What followed next, when Shama was six years old, was hell on earth that no child should have to endure. She lived with her mother at a religious compound under the rule of a cruel, abusive, and heartless leader. Shama survived physical, mental, and sexual abuse until she was finally rescued by her grandmother. As Shama waited to be reunited with her sisters who lived with their aunt, she was still not safe in her grandmother's home. Shama includes some details of her abuse, so the reader can ultimately understand that even in the worst of situations, the human spirit can survive.

When she was ten, Shama's father returned to move his family to the U.S., and her grandmother swore her to secrecy to keep the stories of her abuse to herself and never tell anyone, especially her father. Shama didn't understand, but she loved her grandmother and made the promise. In the U.S., it seemed that every time Shama thought life would be okay, she had to survive another tragedy while living with the shame and guilt sexual abuse survivors often do.

This is the true story of what happens when a young girl must fight for her life and confront her family and past to find the truth and to learn about happiness and acceptance as an adult. Now, she's ready to share her story and help others in She Called Me Throwaway.

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ISBN: 9781957366203
ISBN-10: 1957366206
Publisher: Editor-911 Books
Publication Date: March 25th, 2024
Pages: 226
Language: English