The Complete Self-Regulation Workbook for Kids (8-12) (Paperback)

The Complete Self-Regulation Workbook for Kids (8-12) By Mary C. Noris Cover Image
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  • His emotions are all over the place
  • She is too defiant
  • He is too needy
  • My child is either boiling up in anger or burying down stress

If either of these statements fits your child's behavior, it means he lacks self-regulatory skills, and you need "Self-Regulation for Kids." The ability to remain calm, manage big emotions, adapt, and respond correctly to our surroundings is known as self-regulation.

Self-regulation is a problem for many children, and this problem grows as they grow. In an emotional circumstance, they act rashly, realizing their mistake after the damage has been done. They cannot concentrate on their goals and tasks. They find their thoughts leading them.

Children start to develop self-regulation very young. So parents need to focus on their self-regulatory skills early.

"Self-Regulation for Kids" is a practical book with 50+ age-focused (8-12 Years) exciting CBT, DBT, and other effective therapies' worksheets, exercises and games. This book will provide the following content at your disposal:

  • Concept of self-regulation
  • Science behind self-regulation
  • Challenges of lack of self-regulatory skills
  • Benefits of self-regulatory skills
  • Worksheets, games, and activities focused on:

Emotional Wellbeing


Positive Thoughts

Balance in Everyday Life

Let's have a glimpse of the many terrific and research-based worksheets and exercises in this book:

  • Anger Self-Talk
  • Radical Acceptance
  • Emotion behind Emotions
  • Feelings Jenga
  • Dragon Fire Breathing
  • Blindfolded Fruit Tasting
  • Mindful Movement
  • Mindful Half Smile
  • Getting Rid of ANTS
  • Turn It around Attitude
  • Goodness Treasure Chest
  • Tucker Turtle
  • Passengers on the Bus
  • Lub-Dub Heartbeat

I have practiced these exercises on hundreds of patients with an amazing response throughout my eight years of experience as a clinical psychologist.

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