Laurentia: A Dictionary of 21000 Asteroid Interpretations for Astrologers (Paperback)

Laurentia: A Dictionary of 21000 Asteroid Interpretations for Astrologers By Ajani Abdul-Khaliq Cover Image
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The original dictionary of rarely-researched asteroids is now bigger, better, and backed by heavy statistical analysis. Laurentia 2nd edition includes improved interpretations and objective metrics for astrology students, researchers, and skeptics alike, enabling everyone to follow their curiosity into a field once popularly considered untestable. Now, in the age of AI, we know that even the fuzziest processes are testable and simulatable. Astrology is no different.

This second edition of Laurentia excludes the complex theory chapters from the first edition, and now consists of three major parts: a short methodology section, the main dictionary, and an all new nearly 200-page index which the reader can use to look up which asteroids are most associated with their topic of choice. On that note...

The definitions in this reference are derived from text analysis of an extensive dictionary of over 20,000 words from over 40,000 charts, some of which involve potentially offensive topics ranging from sex, money and politics to mass shootings and drug use. This isn't the fluffy astrology one might expect, but goes everywhere an internet dictionary would be expected to go. What results is a reference for readers who want to know as much as there is to know about the astro factors covering any topic, where there is likely a body for any subject you can think of.

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Publication Date: April 14th, 2024
Pages: 840
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