Endbearer (Paperback)

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After a lifetime growing up mistreated, Ediline thinks she has finally found somewhere she belongs. Her twin brother welcomes her and heeds her advice, there are more people in her life than ever before, and with the bloodsword Felnuar safe at her side, she has something like a purpose. Never mind that the sword brings with it the constant threat of assassination by some- one who would misuse it. She can handle that.

But when Loethe, the mythical traitor and ninth Lord, somehow returns to present-day Lanen, he brings an ominous portent of destruction-delivered solely to Ediline. Meanwhile, the Church has called her family and her kingdom to face a tribunal to answer for the crimes of her late father and eldest brother.

She must navigate a deadly and capable templar, a ghost from the long past, her growing power, and a new, fearsome enemy that cannot be seen, all in a desperate attempt to ward off the Desolation.

If she fails at any challenge, everything will be lost.

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ISBN: 9781954732094
ISBN-10: 1954732090
Publisher: Elyssia Books
Publication Date: March 9th, 2022
Pages: 374
Language: English