The Only Witness: A History of the Shroud Of Turin (Paperback)

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Jesus' burial cloth could be the most important Christian relic. Men and women risked their lives to save it - and destroy it. Can it survive war, famine, plagues, and earthquakes? Lives, reputations, and fortunes are on the line in this powerful and fast-paced Christian historical fiction. Intrigue and action, mystery, and suspense are woven throughout the book spanning 14 stories, three continents, and two millennia. Is the Shroud of Turin the only witness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Let this story help you decide.

This Christian historical fiction, The Only Witness, seamlessly blends historical events with a gripping plot, offering a thrilling and introspective reading experience. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a fan of ancient mysteries, or a seeker of spiritual growth, this novel will captivate your imagination and leave you pondering the secrets at the heart of the Shroud of Turin. It will make you think: "Is the Shroud of Turin real, or is it a 13th-century fake?" Scientists, theologians, and even Christians can't agree. Whichever side of the controversy you're on, you'll love this story of a possible - yet plausible - history of the Shroud of Turin in The Only Witness. If you're Christian or Jewish, you know Jesus was crucified and buried. If you're a Christian, you know there was a resurrection. But what happened to the burial cloth? Was there a cloth that witnessed that transformative moment of resurrection? Does it reflect the four Gospels of the Bible?

If it was a witness, was it simply thrown away, or was it revered as the most critical relic in human existence? Guy R. Powell, in his book, The Only Witness: A History of the Shroud of Turin, has taken facts, historical context, and hypotheses to write a compelling historical fiction of how the burial cloth of Jesus Christ travels from Golgotha in Jerusalem, through the Roman Empire, through Byzantium, through Europe and how it lands in Turin, Italy. This Shroud of Turin has survived fires, wars, plagues, and floods to become the most valuable Christian relic. Or is it the most worthless fake?

What do you believe?

Uncover the truth, question your beliefs, and embark on a not-to-be-forgotten journey through the ages with The Only Witness: A History of the Shroud of Turin. Immerse yourself in this captivating Christian fiction novel, available now for your Kindle or in print. Grab your copy and prepare to be swept away by this ancient religious mystery.


Guy Powell's The Only Witness masterfully weaves a myriad of true historical and scientific details regarding the Shroud of Turin into a fascinating novel about this treasured relic and the people who were involved with it. His storytelling breathes life into history and is a joy to read -Theodora ("Teddi") A. Pappas, sindonologist and criminal defense attorney

Kudos to Guy Powell, who, in The Only Witness, has skillfully presented a most intriguing work of historical fiction regarding the putative burial cloth of Jesus Christ.-Jack Markwardt, historian and author of The Hidden History of the Shroud of Turin"

The missing element in Shroud studies has been a book like this.-David Rolfe, BAFTA-winning producer of The Silent Witness and Who Can He Be?

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