Hypnotic Scripts for Clinical Hypnosis Practitioners (Paperback)

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You will find 55 original hypnotic scripts inside designed by Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Students. The scripts contained within are crafted for some unique as well as common issues. If you are a Clinical Hypnotist you know the same old scripts can get pretty boring, add some variety to your sessions and get your client the help they desire.

Some of the scripts you will find:

  • Relaxing the Whole Body
  • Process Full Body Relaxation
  • Non-Process Energy Relaxation
  • Drawing Clouds
  • Steps to the Beach
  • Forest Steps
  • Abundance I
  • Abundance II
  • The Achiever
  • Bedwetting Script
  • Career Change
  • Clutter-Free Living
  • Clutter Script / Disorganization
  • Confidence Boost
  • Diabetes: Type 1
  • Finding Purpose
  • Gratefulness Script
  • Peace During Pregnancy
  • Healing Athletic Injuries
  • Insecurity
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Nail Biting
  • Owning Your Own Emotions
  • Professional Baseball Confidence
  • Releasing a Romantic Relationship
  • School Performance
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self Love, Self Worth
  • Feelings of Unworthiness Script
  • Sewing Improvement
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Smoking Cessation II
  • Transition to Motherhood
  • Compulsive Eating While Watching TV Script
  • The Ultimate Goal Achievement Script
  • Weight Loss I
  • Weight loss II Increased Metabolism
  • Weight Loss III Physical Health
  • Weight Loss IV
Special note: As you know hypnotists have a special way of communication. These scripts are written as though you would read them aloud to a recording device or to a client.

Update and Fixes: We have fixed some issues in this book to address the concerns of a reviewer. The reviewer may have received a proof copy. We are grateful for their comments. We have also added new content and additional scripts.

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