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Your Body Is a Self-Healing Machine Book 2: Understanding the Anatomy of Epigenetics (Paperback)

Your Body Is a Self-Healing Machine Book 2: Understanding the Anatomy of Epigenetics Cover Image
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Dr. Gigi Siton's intention in writing this second book in the trilogy of Your Body Is A Self-Healing Machine: Understanding The Anatomy Of Epigenetics is to understand the anatomy that is actively involved in epigenetics' physiology. It is essential to know precisely where in your body epigenetics happens. You need to get familiar with your basic cell anatomy. Why your cell is necessary, what is made of, how it works, and its role in epigenetics. What you do affects each cell in your body.

Also, Dr. Siton proposes a new immune multi-system concept. It is so important to know all four systems to achieve very efficient self-healing capabilities. Understanding your gut's digestion basics is like knowing how your body's engine works. And finally, you will learn to appreciate your body's guest workers - your microbiota. You are more microbes than human cells. The author would like to see both epigenetics and applied epigenetics incorporated in all levels of health education. It will become a required course in all degrees of educational curriculum from elementary up to doctoral level.

After reading Book 1: Understanding Epigenetics: Why It Is Important to Know; and reading this, Book 2, Understanding The Anatomy Of Epigenetics, Dr. Siton sincerely hopes that she has given enough information to inspire you to get passionate and practice applied epigenetics by reading Book 3 Understanding How Epigenetics Heals You.

Experience how simple it can be to apply your body's self-healing tools in your daily life with this book

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ISBN: 9781950892839
ISBN-10: 1950892832
Publisher: Clovercroft Publishing
Publication Date: May 25th, 2021
Pages: 144
Language: English