Unicorn Horn Mountain (Paperback)

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Get ready to discover a new kind of unicorn in the children’s picture book Unicorn Horn Mountain (the third book of The Dreamscape Series).

Leave behind the overdone, glittery rainbow unicorn and meet the unicorn born of mural street art and poetry who reclaims the true power of the animal. Uniqueness!!

Enter into an inclusive world—the dreamscape—where differences of race, gender, or culture are celebrated, and where children learn to welcome new points of view while feeling safe to explore, discover, and become their true, inner unicorn selves.

About the Author

Ammie Elliott grew up in rural Ohio with a self-made dad and a mom who read to her every…single…night. Inspired, Elliott decided, at the age of five, that she’d grow up to write her own books and encourage kids to believe in themselves. Today, Elliott is an editor and parent who writes picture-books for her collection The Dreamscape Series. The first two books, Origami Orchestra and Baked In, are already released, and the third, Unicorn Horn Mountain, will be out soon. Elliott is also very involved in the arts community of her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, where she guest-teaches writing workshops for kids at The Thurber House.

Praise For…

 Reviews of The Dreamscape Series:

“I was impressed with how well word and image work together to create a mood ideal for inspiring delightfully quirky dreams.” —Jennifer Miller, PHD and Founder of Raise Them Righteous

“This is a dreamy type of story, one that will lull a young reader into a deep, magic-filled dreamscape of their own. A lovely, lyrical story.” —Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Review 

“These books are amazing! Whimsical and witty rhymes teamed with abstract illustrations make the perfect pair. Enter into dreamland with each book.” —future_bookworms via Instagram

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ISBN: 9781949116564
ISBN-10: 1949116565
Publisher: Woodhall Press
Publication Date: October 5th, 2021
Pages: 32
Language: English