Gospel for the Damned (Paperback)

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"Lucky" enough to be in the 2-percent of the nation immune to the Omega virus, journalist Aaron Garrett is given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enter the quarantined city of San Francisco. His assignment: Spend three days with the family of Samuel Elliot, the errant minister suspected of releasing the deadly contagion upon the Bay Area.

Aaron's journey takes him into a city fractured to extremes, from idyllic neighborhoods clinging to hope, to war-zones fighting for survival. While the Elliot family seems to know more about Samuel's disappearance than they're willing to say, one thing is certain--misery can no longer be the norm.

Together with the Elliots, Aaron embarks on a mission to save someone, anyone, from a doomed existence.

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ISBN: 9781948718004
ISBN-10: 1948718006
Publisher: Gordon Gravley
Publication Date: March 5th, 2018
Pages: 256
Language: English