Taliesin's Last Apprentice (Paperback)

Taliesin's Last Apprentice By Tony Padegimas Cover Image
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Jack, the boy who climbed the beanstalk, has become an apprentice of the bard Taliesin. Yes, that Bard Taliesin. They join the crew of the Sun Seeker, a flying ship full of iron-age heroes off to cross the vast and dangerous northern sea to rescue a kidnapped princess. The voyage of the Sun-Seeker is a tale of disaster in its many guises: fierce storms, unrequited love, starvation, Fey folk who think they're helping, sinfully poor hospitality and a little bit of time travel. Jack ends up finding Princess Winnowin, who does not need or want rescue. The only way back, to rescue those who need rescue, goes through the lands of the Fey. Here where time and space do not work properly, thus, the end runs into the beginning. Jack must choose again whether he wants to be a hero or just another bard.

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ISBN: 9781948266246
ISBN-10: 1948266245
Publisher: Newlink Publishing
Publication Date: November 1st, 2021
Pages: 406
Language: English