The Cat Book: Cats of Historical Distinction (Hardcover)

The Cat Book: Cats of Historical Distinction By Kathleen Walker-Meikle Cover Image
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A beautifully illustrated history of our relationship with feline companions, from the sacred animals of Ancient Egypt to famous pets of the mid-twentieth century. Also, includes the story of Gertrude of Nivelles (their patron saint), the pampered pets of Samuel Johnson and Anna Pavlova, the early modern associations between cats and outcast women (witches and prostitutes), their veneration as gods in Egyptian mythology, their ancient rivalry with dogs and their prominence in folklore.

About the Author

Kathleen Walker-Meikle is the author of Medieval Cats and Medieval Dogs for the British Library, as well as, The Dog Book: Dogs of Historical Distinction. She is a research fellow at the University of York with a special interest in pets.

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ISBN: 9781908402981
ISBN-10: 1908402989
Publisher: Old House Books
Publication Date: August 18th, 2015
Pages: 144
Language: English
Series: Old House