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QUICK WIN ECONOMICS is aimed at practical people who understand that economics is important, because economic models inform the most powerful people in the world, who make decisions based on the advice of economists. Those decisions affect the daily lives of millions of people, for better and for worse. The mistakes of economists can have serious consequences. It pays to know what they are talking about. QUICK WIN ECONOMICS will help you decode economic phenomena - for example, you'll find out exactly why a change in central bank lending rates will change your mortgage, making you richer, or poorer; why Big Macs don't cost the same in every country; and how economists would deal with pollution. QUICK WIN ECONOMICS is designed to let you dip in and out as you'd like, looking for answers to questions you might have, or just for a place to start to understand the theory. Each entry is tagged by one of five subject areas: Economics Essentials; Micro-economics; Macro-economics; Economic Policy; Applied Economics. You also can use the grid system in the contents section to search for questions and answers across a range of topics or use the thread of cross-references provided at the end of each Q&A.

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ISBN: 9781904887423
ISBN-10: 1904887422
Publisher: Oak Tree Press
Publication Date: April 25th, 2011
Pages: 192
Language: English