House for My Name (Paperback)

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Ironically, today's progressive despises fundamentalists while insisting on reading the Bible only as a bad fundamentalist would - that is, in only the most thoughtless, uninformed and knee-jerk manner possible. This Old Testament survey is an ideal corrective. Leithart is an intellectual Master Chef, astonishing us on nearly every page as he serves up a blend of detail and Big Picture in a rare feast guaranteed to satisfy as round-the-dinner-table family reading or as personal study. So come and view, as you never have before, the intricate design God used to write the first half of His book. 

— From Adam


The best stories subtly weave themes and characters and symbols into a stunning final tapestry. This Old Testament survey, written for family and classroom reading, reveals the rich weave that makes Scripture the Story of stories.

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ISBN: 9781885767691
ISBN-10: 1885767692
Publisher: Canon Press
Publication Date: November 27th, 2002
Pages: 277
Language: English