The Complete Book of the Olympics: 2012 Edition (Paperback)

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David Wallechinsky's compendious book has long been the preeminent point of reference for sports enthusiasts and journalists alike


Every sports writer assigned to cover the Games ensures they have their early copy of this prodigious work of reference, packed with absorbing anecdotes and essential statistics. A treasure trove of 116 years of Olympic history, it is also an amazingly readable book, for in the course of recording every single Olympic final since 1896, it concentrates on the strange, the memorable, and the unbelievable. Who knew (until reading this book) that croquet was once an Olympic sport, or tug of war, or that a 72-year-old once won a silver medal for target shooting? This new edition also has every finals result, recorded by the top eight competitors in every event at the Beijing Olympics, and full descriptions of rules and scoring for every event included for 2012. It is the one truly essential Olympics book.

About the Author

David Wallechsinky has worked as a commentator for NBC Olympic coverage, his work has appeared in such publications as the "New York Times Magazine" and "Parade," and he has appeared on" All Things Considered," " Late Night with David Letterman," the "NewsHour with Jim Lehrer," and" Nightline." He has produced nine editions of this book, some in collaboration with Jaime Loucky. David divides his time between Geneva and California.

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ISBN: 9781845136956
Publisher: Aurum Press
Publication Date: May 1st, 2012
Pages: 1300