Falling Leaf and the Honey Badger - Book #1: The Gold Diggers (Paperback)

Falling Leaf and the Honey Badger - Book #1: The Gold Diggers By Ben Winter Cover Image
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"Fun, funny, and just plain great " - Joshua, aged 10 Comedy adventure about a Native American boy and a badly behaved animal companion. With heroes, villains, Redcoat soldiers, and lemmings. "The best book ever " - Adam, aged 8 Falling Leaf did not look like someone who would grow up to become a great chief. He was a small skinny boy. He looked like someone who, with good food and training, might just grow up to become a bear snack. But when ruthless gold prospectors plot to destroy his village, Falling Leaf is caught up in the action. As armies assemble for battle, can he and his honey badger prevent disaster? There was a rustling in the grass. Something was coming towards Falling Leaf - his spirit animal, his friend and companion It wasn't an eagle or a wolf - But it was his It bit him on the leg. "Ouch don't do that " he cried. "I am Honey Badger." the animal replied, "Honey Badger do what he wants." "Filled with good nature and tongue in cheek humor, and I think children and parents alike will really enjoy that, as well as the very imaginative story line." - Salt & Sage Books.

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Publication Date: November 21st, 2021
Pages: 80
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