Survival Instinct: Forces of Change (Paperback)

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It is the year 3014. Ari and Jace's world is pristine, organised and completely controlled. They find themselves being chosen to lead a battle which will preserve not only their way of life but that of humanity. An anomaly returns them to a time in the past that is both foreign, and still reaks of those who destroyed it. Ari and Jace desperately try to enlist the assistance of their predecessors who are now locked down safely in bunkers. Without their help, it will be impossible to save the lives of every remaining person on the entire planet, including themselves. They find that everything is not as they had been taught; and that their entire lives have been based on a lie. Their government may not be whom they thought they were. Come on this adventure with Ari and Jace as they bravely confront an unknown future and an extremely foreign past.

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ISBN: 9781792904820
ISBN-10: 1792904827
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 9th, 2019
Pages: 326
Language: English