Blood Barrios: Dispatches from the World's Deadliest Streets (Paperback)

Blood Barrios: Dispatches from the World's Deadliest Streets By Alberto Arce, John Washington (Translated by), Daniela Ugaz (Translated by) Cover Image
By Alberto Arce, John Washington (Translated by), Daniela Ugaz (Translated by)
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Welcome to a country that has a higher casualty rate than Iraq. Wander streets considered the deadliest in the world. Wake up each morning to another batch of corpses—sometimes bound, often mutilated—lining the roads. Witness the screeching blue light of police sirens and the huddles of “red journalists” who make a living chasing after the bloodshed.

They are scenes that conjure up a war zone, but Honduras is, at least officially, not at war. Ignored by the outside world, this Central American country is ravaged by ultraviolent drug cartels and an equally ruthless, militarized law force. Corruption is rife and the justice system is woefully ineffective. Prisons are full to bursting and barrios are flooded with drugs from South America en route to the United States. Cursed by geography, the people are trapped here, caught in a system of poverty and cruelty with no means of escape.

For many years, Alberto Arce was the only foreign correspondent in Tegucigalpa, Honduras’s beleaguered capital. He has seen first-hand the country’s descent into anarchy. In Blood Barrios he shares his experiences in a series of gripping and atmospheric dispatches: from earnest conversations with narcos, taxi drivers, and soldiers, to exposés of state corruption and harrowing accounts of the aftermath of violence. Provocative, revelatory, and heart-rending, Blood Barrios shines a light on the suffering and stoicism of the Honduran people, and demands action from a complacent international community.

About the Author

Alberto Arce has been an Associated Press correspondent in Honduras and now works for the AP bureau in Mexico City. John Washington is a journalist, novelist, and translator. Daniela Ugaz is a translator and law student at New York University.

Praise For…

“No other writer has ever got this close to Honduras’s violence and survived.”
— Times Literary Supplement

“Arce is morbid. He’s an artist. He’s looking for something, for the bigger picture. . . .  A brave, memorable book.”
— Spectator

“Arce provides a captivating and comprehensive introduction to this region, too often ignored by the outside world.”
— Asymptote

“Reminiscent of The Wire. Blood Barrios is full of perceptive vignettes, each of which shows how cocaine trafficking, and the war on the traffickers, have sent the country spiraling into the abyss. Arce's tone is that of a journalist teetering on the brink of despair.”
— Tom Feiling, author of Short Walks from Bogotá: Journeys in the New Colombia

‘It takes a true reporter—gutsy, bloody-minded, driven—to work the streets of Tegucigalpa. Alberto Arce’s ballsy, bravely-told account marks him out as the real deal. The world needs more reporters like Arce, who meet bullets with ink, head on. This is a troubling, gritty, brutally truthful book.”
— Oliver Balch, author of Viva South America! A Journey through a Restless Continent

“Arce is a kickass reporter. He writes with a searing honesty and an eye for detail that makes Blood Barrios as terrifying as it is impossible to put down.”
— Jon Lee Anderson, war correspondent for The New Yorker

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