What Will People Say: Poems (Paperback)

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I had to fight for my existence before I was even out of my mother’s womb.
If I didn’t stop fighting then, why would I stop now?

What Will People Say follows a South Asian woman’s journey through being a daughter, and later a daughter-in-law, within the strict confines of her patriarchal family. Readers watch as the narrator navigates life, trying to find a safe place for herself, until she finally becomes her own hero. 

Grappling with the subjects of sexual and psychological trauma, as well as mental health, this collection of poetry carves a path beyond the guilt of wondering: “What will people say?”

About the Author

Taniya Gupta is an Indo-Canadian poet who grew up in Punjab, India and now lives in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada. Her love for poetry started at a very young age when writing her thoughts on paper was the only way she knew how to process her emotions. Now, she writes as a means of healing and connecting with others who may otherwise feel they are alone in their struggles. What Will People Say is her debut collection inspired by not only her own life, but also the women in her family and millions of others trapped in patriarchal family structures. Outside of poetry, Taniya loves looking for moments of slowness through yoga and tea.

Connect with her at @yogateapoetry or yogateapoetry.com.

Praise For…

What Will People Say is one of the strongest poetic debuts in years. Poet and avid tea-drinker Taniya Gupta’s ability to blend the beautiful with the brutal is impressive, to say the least. Gupta has crafted a gorgeous, emotional, deeply personal collection with universal appeal. Her vulnerability will empower others to share their stories, too – in the end, we will all feel a bit less lonely thanks to this book.” — Alicia Cook, bestselling author of Sorry I Haven’t Texted You Back

“In her debut collection, What Will People Say, Taniya Gupta invites readers into her home to share stories of abuse, depression, and recovery. Through experimental form, skillful use of language and dialogue, and boundless vulnerability, this collection proves it’s possible to heal from what haunts us — and feel joy despite it.” — Ari B. Cofer, author of paper girl and the knives that made her and unfold

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ISBN: 9781771682954
ISBN-10: 1771682957
Publisher: Central Avenue Publishing
Publication Date: January 9th, 2024
Pages: 128
Language: English