Uncovering Egyptian Mythology (Paperback)

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Are you an individual passionate about rich Egyptian history? Would you like to learn about Egyptian deities, monsters, and Egypt's most important historical figures? If you've been looking for a simple-to-read and informative guide that will improve your knowledge about the country's beliefs, culture, and infamous myths, then this is the book for you

The history of Egypt is long, filled with wealthy lifestyles, advanced engineering, inventions, and mystical characters that still amaze us today. For us to know about it, we must put our hands on a book that is going to be enjoyable and accurate.

Uncovering Egyptian Mythology is more than just a book that will teach you about a country. It's a comprehensive guide that will transport you back to a country that is the only remaining ancient wonder in the world

Inside Uncovering Egyptian Mythology, you'll discover:

● An all-inclusive look at Egyptian history, including the early dynastic period, the construction of pyramids, and Egyptian society.

● Four famous myths that are still believed today: Did god the creator really surface from the darkness of Nun as a Bennu bird?

● A look at familiar gods and goddesses, the role they played in history, and how they shaped modern Egypt.

● Egyptian monsters, creatures, and mortals that have played an important role in Egyptian society.

● The underworld, the judgment of the dead, and what Egyptians believe about the end of the world.

Every chapter is filled with exciting stories and facts that will boost your knowledge and make you appreciate Egypt for its rich history and multifaceted culture. After reading this guide, you'll become an Egyptian expert, and have all your historical questions answered

Are you ready to improve your knowledge and embrace Egypt? Then buy Uncovering Egyptian Mythology now

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