The Shadows We Make - Shadow Journey Series Book One (Paperback)

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A war-torn world. A desert warrior, a con artist, a mystic, a thief. Destiny.

War has come to Citadel, threatening the desert provinces. I, sixteen-year-old warrior, have made an enemy of a powerful man. I'm not alone. Duncan Oaks, teenage member of the Grif-Drif Con Artist Guild, has also made one bad choice too many in his dealings.

Now we are both remanded to an off-world juvenile facility with lifetime sentences. Yes, you heard me right. Lifetime. Still, we are determined. Even now, we plot an escape into the horrific environment outside these walls in order to save Duncan's sister from the embattled planet below.

There's only one question, the only one that matters, I suppose. Will we survive?

The Shadows We Make, book one in the Shadow Journey series, is a blend of science fiction and fantasy in a dystopian alien world and told in the first person in three distinct, separate voices. Grace, the desert warrior, and Duncan Oaks, the boy who betrayed her seek to escape the inescapable prison planet to which they have been condemned in order to rescue Duncan's gifted sister from the man who condemned them both. They are not alone, however. Together, they and their companions set out to find Duncan's troubled, powerful sister, encountering hardship, danger, and the horror of a world not their own.

The Shadows We Make, book one in the Shadow Journey series, is a compelling young adult, sci-fi/dark fantasy blend with significant crossover appeal. A book and series to be enjoyed by mature readers of any age.

Dune meets Hunger Games in this dark fantasy/sci-fi series set on an alien world with ancient ties to ours.

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