Ma'tao "The Warrior Within": Book 1 "Ulitao" (Hardcover)

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From the mystical and mysterious islands of the Pacific Ocean, a most skillful and tactical

eighteen-year-old ulitao (warrior) Ma'tao, is taking steps toward becoming a maga'lahi (chief).

In a world drenched in the supernatural, along with superstitions and tradition, his deepest

desires are about to collide with devotion and responsibilities to his family and village

The lurking forces of evil also have other plans for Ma'tao and the islands of Gani

Will he and his most unlikely band of warriors defeat these larger than life enemies? Or will his

obligations and loyalties be put to the test against his heart's greatest yearnings?

For the struggle is real and about to begin, for Ma'tao "The Warrior Within

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ISBN: 9781733495608
ISBN-10: 1733495606
Publisher: Red Ulitao Publishing
Publication Date: September 9th, 2019
Pages: 538
Language: English